Protecting our environmental ecosystem!!!

Environmental Stewardship Initiatives

We practice environmentally sound yet economically viable solutions so that we can continue to grow grapes in our location for generations to come.  We are dedicated to our land and strive to maintain healthy environments for ourselves, our neighbors, our communities and our visitors.  This focus on healthy soil, water, air enables us to use native yeast from the grapevines in our

Blanc Du Bois wines.


In the vineyard various methods to protect and sustain the land:

  • drip irrigation systems allow us to lessen the impact to our water tables and water only as needed based on vineyard soil measurements. 

  • We grow grape varieties that are Pierce Disease resistant and thus eliminating chemicals  that impacts our bee and other beneficial insect communities.

  • We use parasitic wasps to address Grape Berry Moth berry issues in the vineyard rather than applying insecticides.

Winery/Tasting Room

In the Tasting Room, we recycle our glass bottles.

We keep natural corks for visitors to pick up for craft projects, etc.

We use steam cleaning of Tasting Room to reduce water usage.

We use recycles shipping materials for our online or curbside pickup orders.

What can you do to participate?

Reuse our Wine Bags when you purchase wine in the Tasting Room.

Drink local to lessen the carbon emission.  Participate in Farm to Table Wineries and restaurants.

Port Sullivan

Our double barrel dessert wine is named after a local historic port located furthest north on the Brazos River very near our Jones Prairie vineyard.  

Our 1st Port from our Lenoir grapes, grown in Jones Prairie and stored 3 years in Bourbon Barrels.

This Dessert Wine is full-bodied, sweet ruby red wine with notes of chocolate, berries and caramel.

Find out more about Port Sullivan at 

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