​​​En Gedi Vineyards and Winery


Named for Jack Cockrill, who loved a sweet red wine.  Jack was an integral part of successful harvest and establishment of En Gedi Vineyards.  He loved to work on the land, well and irrigation system.  He loved to help bring in the grapes during harvest time.  He was part of the sampling and testing of experimental wines.  Sadly, he did not see the start of the tasting room or get to taste our sweet red wine. En Gedi honors him with our first dessert wine, Sweet JC. 

​TEXAS Sparkler

Petulant Naturel Sparkling wine done in the ancestral method.  Texas Class Winner at Houston Uncorked 2021 & Double Gold at San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition


​​ BRAZOS BETTIE - Grandma Bettie Henry was an early settler to Texas (Mexican Texas) and Brazos County, she was the epitome of a strong pioneer woman and larger than life. We had always heard stories of this ancestor facing down maurading Comanche Indians to save children and horses, swimming the flooded rivers multiple times to save her children and always saving the bag of gold! She is now part of a book, "Staggering: Life and Death on the Texas Frontier at Staggers Point".  Available on Kindle devices.

This wine is a blend of our estate grown wines creating a lightly acidic dry blush wine.  Just the color of a Texas Frontier sunset, reminding us all how strong we are!

 AWARDS:  Lone Star International, Houston Uncorked International (Houston Rodeo)